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DEVS is shorthand in computer software for Developers. We chose this name to show that we share the same idea of building a motorcycle like it's a computer on wheels.

IT PARTIALLY ILLUSTRATES WHO WE ARE... TECHNOLOGY ENTHUSIASTS. This never stops developing and consequently we love to investigate the possibilities it can offer us to overcome human limitations. This means we focus on what's new that we can use for motorcycles to improve the synthesis of you and the machine. This can be anything from TikTok to 3d printing.

When you ride, we don’t want you to think about it. It's got to be simple and automatic. This way the technology ignites your virtuosity and your mind will come alive.

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DEVS has unbeatable experience to offer you as one of the first electric motorcycle manufacturers in Europe, starting in the business in 2012. We love experimenting with new technologies and systems, with the aim to build motorbikes that are simpler and more fun for you.

After getting started in 2012 with building electric bicycles, we moved on to building the Type 506 "Čezeta" electric scooter. This was the Czech Republic's first production EV and won Czech Motorcycle of the Year in 2019. We built 60 electric scooters in 2 years until 2020. In 2021 we launched a new Type 6-series "Alien" electric motorcycle and made a first prototype of the Type 4-series "La Boheme" moped.

motocyklová dílna praha
motocyklová dílna praha

15 million

Value in CZK of EVs we've made

50 000

Grey hairs in the process

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We are pleased to help develop EV education programs and teaching for students and startups throughout Europe. For student programs in the Czech Republic, we can usually provide all parts for free.

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