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DEVS is shorthand in computer software for 'Developers'. IT PARTIALLY ILLUSTRATES WHO WE ARE... TECHNOLOGY ENTHUSIASTS.

Our concepts are inspired by the Japanese 'Metabolism' movement (メタボリズム) to fuse ideas about motorcycle manufacturing with those of organic biological growth. The characteristic of this approach is using cell-like parts that can be easily be replaced when their lifespan is over. This can ensure that your motorcycle continues to be 'the latest thing' - even when it is 50 years old.

The Nakagin Capsule Tower Building
motocyklová dílna praha
motocyklová dílna praha

25m CZK

Value of EVs we've made

50 000

Grey hairs in the process

electric motorcycle seller

We are pleased to help develop EV education programs and teaching for students and startups throughout Europe. For student programs in the Czech Republic, we can usually provide all parts for free.

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