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Galleries of electric bikes concepts, projects and education programmes.
Alien motorcycle
December 2020 - May 2021

Type 601 'Alien'

The aim of the 601 project was to make an extensive upgrade from a good Asian factory bike that would be road legal in the EU. Customising factory production used 3d printing extensively to fabricate the parts that facilitate the reconstruction of the bike and it is powered exclusively by solar power.

  • Author:Neil Eamonn Smith, Jason Wu, Eric Fude, April Cao
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electric la boheme concept
October 2020 - February 2021

Type 402 'La Boheme'

Conceived with the name 'La Boheme', it's identity is the idea of a cheap, easy, artistic lifestyle of wandering around and having fun. To make it as affordable as possible, the basic donor bike is a well-tested Honda design from the 1980s and the method of reconstruction goes back to early aircraft designs of the 1920s. The result is a 45km/h moped with up to 400km range and a look that can be easily personalised. The final working prototype is patented and could be homologated for sale at a price around 4.500€.

  • Author:Daniel Skotak, Radka Krajičkova, Vaclav Svitil, Kateřina Novotna, Robin Mazánek
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electric nnnbike concept
October 2020 - November 2020

Type 401 Not-naked naked (NNN) concept

A first shot at how to construct a new Type series of mopeds based on the idea of offering city speed and long range. The final design was going to be a naked bike, but ended up not being naked at all. The ideas about the donor bike for this concept as well as the method of construction were further developed forward into the Type 402.

  • Author:Kryštof Rozumek
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electric cyberscooter
May-September 2020

Type 507 Cyberscooter

This concept is for a follow up 5-series electric scooter. The Tesla Cybertruck is a big lump and doesn't look like it'd be much use for quick trips around town. Our idea was to offer a matching Cyberscooter that can be carried on the back, and even charged there. This way you can use the advantage of the Cybertruck for long distance trips and the Cyberscooter for the 'last mile' where congestion and parking are problems. We're still waiting on a reply from Elon about this.

  • Author:Kryštof Rozumek
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cezeta 506 homologation and production
June 2018-December 2020

Production development of Čezeta

After developing the Type 506, we gained EU homologation and funding in mid-2018 to setup factory production. A first-series of 60 bikes were manufactured over 2 years until the project finished at the end of 2020. We're currently looking for a buyer to continue development of another series of this beautiful Czech scooter.

  • Author:Neil Eamonn Smith, Vít Přecechtěl, Libor Vaňous, Matěj Oliva
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cezeta 506 parts
November 2015-June 2018

Type 506 Čezeta

A very long and complicated project to develop, manufacture and homoogate everything from the frame, body and brakes to the electronics and instruments locally in the Czech Republic for this rebirth of the legendary Čezeta scooter. The mode selector it featured has now become a standard part on all new electric motorbikes and scooters.

  • Author:Neil Eamonn Smith, Michal Šusta, Ctirad Feřtr, Jan Koblížek, Lukaš Snopek
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