factory-custom electric motorbikes

Our team at DEVS® is committed to our mission of reviving beloved Czech motorcycle brands and contributing to the resurgence of the local motorcycle industry. With extensive experience as pioneers in electric motorcycle manufacturing in Europe since 2012, we aspire to play a leading role in this revival through our focus on engineering excellence, craftsmanship, and forward-thinking design.

New for 2024

Type 602

  • Specifically designed for urban use, lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for beginners with 'B' licence
  • Massive 7kWh battery with Class A cells
  • DEVS Patented Revflex throttle optimizes energy consumption
  • Eco and sport modes
  • Hand built in Prague with expert service support
  • Road legal beta-production series
  • From only 139 000 Kč incl. tax
In development

Type 702 "La Boheme"

  • Relaunch of classic Czech brand as high-performance e-motorbike
  • Based on 2023 Type 701 Beta-series
  • Designed for suburban and highway use
  • High-capacity 10kWh battery, hand built in-house
  • Variable top speed settings to 130km/h
  • DEVS Patented Revflex throttle optimizes energy consumption

Innovation and Craftsmanship 2012-2024

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