Go much,
much faster

An electric motorcycle that gives unparalleled acceleration and safety controls for assured high-speed motorcycling up to 150km/h.

ABS brakes

ABS stops your motorcycle from skidding, allowing you to slow down sooner and maintain better control.

Liquid cooling

Efficiently distributes heat from the controller, giving higher total power.

Fire safety system

Designed to safeguard you and your motorcycle, an automatic vehicle fire suppression system that detects and suppresses a fire in minutes.

liquid cooled controller

We build battery packs

To be sure of quality, repair and upgradeability, Devs builds its own batteries. We use NCM cells, which have more than 2,000 cycles' life. They are much more expensive than regular lithium cells because they perform better in colder climates.

More capacity than class-average

92Ah is a whopper.

Battery sizes in similar A1 motorcycles. 2024

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