Type 601-01

serial number #1. This motorbike has a solar charging system fitted for panels up to 400W. Prague has 1668 hours of sun per year, which makes a potential maximum of 300kWh or about 6,000 free kilometres a year! Used for two years for testing in Prague. Only 3000km. Limited guarantee. Supplied with 100W panel.

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special offer

145 000 CZK incl. tax
175000 CZK

Price breakdown

Motorbike 139 000 CZK
Upgrades 36 000 CZK


Type 601-01 "Alien", serial number #1. Available with a 2 year/40000 km guarantee and includes the following upgrades are included in the price*:

  • Recuperation (Free)
  • Reverse mode (Free)
  • 2-way alarm, keyless remote start and tyre monitor (5900 CZK)
  • Ferrite beads (Free)
  • Carbon wrapping (Free)
  • Helmet lock (Free)
  • Stand switch cutoff (1200 CZK)
  • Smartphone battery App (Free)
  • Smartphone mount and USB charger (Free)
  • DC-DC solar charger (7900 CZK)
  • Essentials kit (Free)
  • Speaker system (2400 CZK)
  • LED underbody lighting (Free)
  • Saddle upgrade (10900 CZK)
  • Rear suspension upgrade (6900 CZK)
  • Domino electronic throttle (Free)
  • 12V fuse (Free)
  • Waterproofing controller (Free)
  • Waterproofing electronics (Free)
  • Camera (6900 CZK)

*It is possible to add or take off upgrades to customise the motorcycle as you want it.


EU licence class: A1 (= 125cc). The A1 class is like a 125cc light motorcycle.
Motor power: 5000W continuous, 8500W peak.
Max torque: >120 N.M.
Max speed: 90-100km/h
Custom battery: 7.2kWh NMC Li-ion (safety certified UN R136)
Standard range: 150km average, up to 200km in city see calculation
Cycles: >2000 times
Charger: 700-1500W
Suspension: dual-shock absorbers front and adjustable single rear mono-shock
Brakes: combined brake system with double discs front and regeneration.
Tyres: 110/70-17 (F) and 140/70-17 (R)
Climbing: 35 degrees
Dimensions: 2035 x 720 x 1140 mm
Seat height: 800mm
Net weight: 148 kg (with battery)
Loading capacity: <304 kg
Standard equipment:

  • lockable helmet and underseat storage box
  • steering lock
  • alloy mirrors
  • licence plate holder
  • cover
Delivery and registration

Registration plate (SPZ): EL48AT
Fee for transport 17 CZK/km.

Sold Sales Terms and Conditions

This does not constitute a proposal for contract (offer) according to § 1731 law č. 89/2012 Sb., Civil Code, or about a non-binding offer

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