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An electric motorcycle that turns conventional thinking on its head, offering everyday usability from its long-range DEVS battery.

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More Range

With 50% more capacity, it means a comfortable range over 200km (at typical urban consumption of 30 Wh/km).

Lighter Weight

Using prismatic lithium NMC cells means more range, better cold weather operation and higher levels of cell safety, with a negligible increase in weight.

Longer Life

Batteries that last a lifetime; prismatic cells last 50% longer than common 18650s and dissipates heat better.

NCM battery pack cells

bigger = better

Devs builds its own batteries from NCM cells, which have more than 2,000 cycles' life. They are much more expensive than regular lithium cells because they perform better in colder climates.

More capacity than class-average

92Ah is a whopper.

Battery sizes in similar A1 motorcycles. 2022


The 601 offers agile handling, automatic operation, powerful brakes and bucket loads of torque all the way up to 100km/h, Combined with wide handlebar and an upright seating position for long distance travel. With a 150km range and a top speed of 100km/h, your commute, weekend ambles and trips to see the in-laws are all sorted.

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139 000 CZK


DEVS Type 601 (2022 edition), with custom-built battery pack, charger, electronics, styling and accessories. It is available:


EU licence class: A1 (= 125cc)
Motor power: 9500W peak
Max torque: >120 N.M.
Max speed: 90-100km/h
Custom battery: 7.2kWh NMC Li-ion (safety certified UN R136)
Standard range: 150km average, up to 200km in city, see detailed calculation
Cycles: >2000 times
Charger: 700-1500W
Suspension: dual-shock absorbers front and adjustable single rear mono-shock
Brakes: combined brake system with double discs front and regeneration.
Tyres: 110/70-17 (F) and 140/70-17 (R)
Climbing: 35 degrees
Dimensions: 2035 x 720 x 1140 mm
Seat height: 800mm
Net weight: 148 kg (with battery)
Loading capacity: <304 kg
Included upgrades:

  • energy recuperation
  • reverse switch
  • carbon fibre panel wrap
  • smartphone apps
  • mobile phone holder with USB charger
  • LED underbody lights
  • lockable helmet and underseat storage box
  • steering lock
  • alloy mirrors
  • licence plate holder
  • cover
  • puncture repair kit

Type 601 for sale


Standard is in black - looking like the film Alien 👽 - or we also do special custom paint schemes.



Custom modifications prepare each 601 for easy upgrading through maker concepts of CAD design, microprocessor programming and 3d printing. Once this is done, we can then easily repair or add new features when needed.


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