Type 601

Featuring agile handling, automatic operation, powerful brakes and bucket loads of torque all the way up to 100km/h. Combined with wide handlebar and an upright seating position for long distance travel with a big 7.2kWh battery. A perfect commuting bike for new motorcyclists!

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Model Type 601 (2022) with dEVS custom-built battery pack, charger, electronics, styling and accessories. It is available:


EU licence class: A1 (= 125cc). The A1 class is like a 125cc light motorcycle.
Custom battery: 7.2kWh NMC Li-ion (safety certified UN R136)
Standard range: 150km average see calculation
Cycles: >1000 times
Charger: 700-1500W
Suspension: dual-shock absorbers front and adjustable single rear mono-shock
Brakes: brake system with double discs front and single rear.
Tyres: 110/70-17 (F) and 140/70-17 (R)
Climbing: 35 degrees
Dimensions: 2035 x 720 x 1140 mm
Seat height: 800mm
Net weight: 119kg (without battery)
Loading capacity: <200kg
Included upgrades:

  • energy recuperation
  • reverse switch
  • carbon fibre panel wrap
  • smartphone apps
  • mobile phone holder
  • LED underbody lights
  • lockable helmet and storage box
  • steering lock
  • alloy mirrors
  • licence plate holder
  • cover
  • puncture repair kit

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Standard is in black - looking like the film Alien 👽 - or we also do special custom paint schemes.

dEVS  method


Each 601 undergoes 50 hours of modifications to make it more suitable for longer life and easy upgrading. Fused 12 volt and 5 volt systems are added powering smartphone linked Apps for easy control. Read more about the main upgrades below.

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Free/ piece


Simple detectors are added to each of the brake levers and on-board electronics are reprogrammed to optimise recuperation of electric energy whilst braking. It may add up to 10% to the battery range as well as saving wear and extending life of the brake pads.

  • Availability:included as standard
reverse selector
Free/ piece

Reverse Selector

Normal riding performance is tuned through software programming that's regulate power like an automatic gearbox. An upgrade to the programming can add code for reverse and a simple button can safely activate this.

  • Availability:included as standard
remote keyless start
150 €/ piece

Remote Keyless Start

A relay is included and can be activated in conjunction with the alarm for a quicker and easier way to turn the bike on and off without the need to use a key.

  • Availability:optional upgrade
ferrite bead shielding
Free/ piece

Ferrite Beads

These ferrite beads are added to the wiring and signalling to increase the bike's electromagnetic immunity. This is a very useful function in order to reduce the possibility of it affecting other electronic equipment in its vicinity.

  • Availability:included as standard
motorcycle monoshock suspension
TBD/ piece

Improved suspension

High-quality rear monoshock suspension for a smoother ride.

  • Availability:optional upgrade


carbon fibre styling
Free/ piece

Carbon Fibre scheme

In the photo, this carbon wrap is added to the front mudguard, the instrument panel cover and the seat support. The result is a high-tech look that gives a stylish contrast in the panelling.

  • Availability:included as standard
  • Price:free
premium paint finish
from 750 €/ piece

Custom Paint

For a totally personalised finish, choose any colour you wish and in any finish. Done locally in Prague at shop with 30 years' experience in the auto paint business.

  • Availability:optional upgrade
390 €/ piece

Saddle upgrade

Custom remodelling in the style of the Alien, with gel filling and improved textil finish for better comfort and wear.

  • Availability:optional upgrade
protective wrapping
60 €/ piece

Protective Wrapping

A durable protective wrap, added to the body panels by your legs. A reasonably cheap way to protect your beautiful paint scheme against scratching.

  • Availability:optional upgrade


helmet lock
Free/ piece

Helmet Lock

Useful if you wish to leave your ringed helmet with the bike. The helmet lock is built into the same bike construction as the alarm and will trigger the alarm if tampered with.

  • Availability:included as standard
premium motion alarm
190 €/ piece

Alarm system and GPS

Motion-detection alarm system that is integrated into the electronics of the motorbike. Will immobilise motor systems and alert. Additional GPS system allows many tracking features. Operated with a remote control with the keyless remote start.

  • Availability:optional upgrade


smartphone app and bluetooth module
Free/ piece

Smartphone App

We add a bluetooth dongle to the battery management systems so that you can monitor the state of the battery and important parameters and safety features via a bluetooth connection to an App on your smartphone. Works on both Android and IOS.

  • Availability:included as standard
smartphone mount with USB charger
Free/ piece

Smartphone Mount and USB Charger

Mounted to the handlebars and easily adjustable to any size of mobile phone. The built-in USB port will keep your smartphone charged whilst you're using Apps like PlugShare, Google maps or Spotify.

  • Availability:included as standard
high speed battery charger
280 €/ piece

High-speed Charger

More than double the speed of battery charging from 700W to 1500W with a more powerful battery charger. Works in all standard AC household sockets with appropriate rating (it approximately uses the same watts as a powerful hairdryer). This may also be built on board with appropriate EMF reduction.

  • Availability:optional upgrade
TBD/ piece

DC-DC Solar Charger

Store power from solar panels in the motorbike's battery. A typical setup of four 80W panels will provide enough power for 40km of travel per day in summer in mid-Europe.

  • Availability:in development


150 €/ piece

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Large, high quality saddle bags, styled to match the style of the Alien. Easy to detach and includes waterproof covers.

  • Availability:optional upgrade


motorcycle speakers
60 €/ piece


Bluetooth waterproof wireless speaker with a power of 12W. Microphone, voice assistant, IPX7 certification, control via iOS or Android devices. It increases security by alerting others to your presence.

  • Availability:optional upgrade
motorcycle LED underbody
Local Producer
Free/ piece

LED underbody lighting

LED backlight of the motorcycle chassis. Multicolor neons in length 2x 90 cm / 2x 120 cm. It includes an APP with a large number of functions. Useful for safety by augmenting hazard lights and general visibility. Also useful for parties.

  • Availability:included as standard

AC output

AC motorcycle inverter
TBD/ piece

AC power inverter

Use your motorcycle as a portable AC power source with an on-board inverter converting AC to DC.

  • Availability:in development

The bare

motorcycle essentials
Free/ piece

Essential On-Board Accessories

A puncture repair kit, medical kit and reflective vest. Stored in the lockable compartment under the rear seat.

  • Availability:included as standard

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