Generalterms of Flexi-Leasing

Click the buttons below to download the legal terms as PDFs. In particular, the following points are included:
  • Repairs from normal use are included for free and include an annual maintenance service
  • Motorcycle can only be used in Czech Republic
  • It is covered by third-party liability insurance
  • If the motorcycle is stolen or damaged, the Renter is obliged to compensate for the loss
  • Charges include an initial fee (for making arrangements, training etc), a monthly rental fee and a mileage fee in case of excessive use. The monthly fee is due at the start of each month
  • Only the renter may use the Vehicle and may not rent or sub-lease it
  • The Renter is obliged to bring the motorcycle for checks (e.g. for safety, service or MOT), as requested by DEVS and with reasonable prior notice. Excess mileage fees will be assessed at this time
  • The Renter may not alter the motorcycle in any way without the approval of DEVS
  • The motorcycle may not be used for commercial purposes
  • The rental agreement is monthly and automatically extends on a month-by-month basis
  • DEVS tracks the motorcycle in order to verify the mileage and in case of theft

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